Clip Documentation

Unified Remote

Follow these steps to start and control presentations, video and music on your laptop using Unified Remote and the Flicktek app:

1 - Download and open Unified Remote app on the phone and on the laptop;
2 - Connect both the laptop and the phone to the same wifi (in case of no wifi, the phone can also create a hotspot for the laptop to connect);
3 - On the phone open the app Unified Remote and open the side menu, go on “server” and connect/select your laptop;
4 - Now by going on the Unified Remote status section in the laptop and opening the connection tab, your smartphone should be listed;
5 - Now go on the watch to Remote section -> Presentation and control your presentation!


Follow these steps to start and use IFTTT on your Flicktek app:

1 - Create an account on IFTTT;
2 - Type in the search bar web hooks;
3 - Move to the Services tab and click on web hooks;
4 - Click connect;
5 - On the right top click documentation and save the key number (it will be used later);
6 - Go back and click on your username on the top right corner and select new applets;
7 - Select as IFTTT 'this' the service webhook - Receive a web request and type a name (it will be used later);
8 - Select an IFTTT 'that' of your choice;
9 - Go to your Flicktek app on your phone and go to Settings -> Configure IFTTT and create a new one;
10 - Type Applet (the name you want to call this function), event as written in point 7, secret_key as written in point 5;
11 - Now Clip can control the IFTTT functions!