Bring the gesture power to your wearables


Gesture Control

  • > Tap, snap, flick gestures
  • > Training tutorial
  • > Fast calibration
  • > Customizable gestures
  • > AI gesture recognition
  • > Android and Tizen integration
  • > Screen off - gesture lock

Bluetooth Connection

  • > Fast Bluetooth connection
  • > Smartwatch connection
  • > Fast calibration
  • > IFTTT enabled
  • > Unified remote enabled
  • > GoPro control

Sensor Specs

  • > 4 gesture recognition
  • > High accuracy
  • > Water splash resistant
  • > Available for research
  • > Comfortable silicone

The future of interaction

Smartwatches are great, but the touchscreen can be limiting.
The Flicktek's proprietary technology is the most accurate sensor for wrist devices capable of monitoring the fingers movements and gestures. The biometric signals generated by the tension and movement dynamics of the tendons and body tissues on the wrist are transformed into electrical signals. The Flictek's machine learning algorithm analyzes these signals and recognizes the gesture performed.

Manage notifications, calls and much more...

Control your world with a simple gesture

Music: play, pause and skip like The Fonz

Fitness: control music, alarm and timer in a glance

Remote Control: PowerPoint, GoPro, Smart-lights and IFTTT




Easy to use

Running girl
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