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The most accurate wearable gesture controller.

Wearable finger gestures sensor

The first and only sensor technology for the wrist able to read and understand finger movements.
A fast and natural way of interaction that lets you focus on what's ahead and think forward.

We design and sell consumer products and
we license our technology to companies and Universities.


The FlickTek's proprietary technology is the most accurate sensor for wrist devices capable of monitoring the fingers movements and gestures. The biometric signals generated by the tension and movement dynamics of the tendons and body tissues on the wrist are transformed into electrical signals. The FlickTek's machine learning algorithm analyzes these signals and recognizes the gesture performed.

The sensors are designed to maximize the finger movement information and filter out the noise coming from other sources. Relying on piezoelectric effect, the sensors are extremely low power.

The system comes in a 2mm silicone foil, perfect to be embedded in any wearable apparatus for the wrist.



Gesture control for Android Wear smartwatches