Clip Documentation

Technical Details

Bluetooth Interface

Clip communicates with all the other devices via Bluetooth Smart (also known as Bluetooth Low Energy).
If you know a bit about the Bluetooth Smart, you may want to know that Clip is set as Server in Peripheral mode, so that all the standard devices (i.e. smartphones, laptops, smartwatches) can connect to it in order to gather information such as the gesture performed, the status, the battery level and much more.

It embeds several GATT Services, each one dedicated to a specific function:

  • DFU Service (Device Firmware Update) allows Clip to be reprogrammed via Bluetooth. This is also known as OTA Firmware update (expect to receive awesome updates during the time!).
  • UART Service (available for Developer Version only) provides a raw data stream from the sensors. This can be used to further investigate on the possible applications of these sensors.
  • HID Keyboard Service compatible with the Bluetooth 4.0 specs let you connect Clip to laptops and other Bluetooth Smart devices without the need of any additional software.
  • Clip Service is a custom BLE Service which notifies each gesture and carries information about the battery status.
  • Calibration Service is secondary custom BLE service that exposes all the characteristics necessary to perform the learning process and provides access the settings.

SDK and Tools for Developers

Thanks to our SDK, if you are a developer you can create content that interacts with Clip and assign awesome custom functionalities to each gesture inside your own software

Please, take a look at the SDK for Android and Android Wear development and sign up in our forum.

Techies fun

For those who like figures, here you can find a table with some details about the technical aspects of Clip.

Dimensions Length - Width - Thickness 5.8 mm x 2.1 mm x 0.8 mm
Weight 11 g
Battery Capacity 70 mA - 50h duration (normal usage)
MCU Cortex M4F
Bluetooth Bluetooth Smart v4.0 - 5m LOS range